9 February 2010

Web design in Lanzarote

If you are in business in Lanzarote then you will need a web site. The internet is now an essential tool for anyone planning a holiday in Lanzarote. A web site to represent your business can be a source of a lot of new clients and in flow of much needed cash.
A simple web site, domain name and email addresses custom made for your business needs can be built for as little as 250 euros. This sort of investment can be very quickly recovered by any extra business, or return business, that your shiny new web site can bring in.
As a business owner a great web design in Lanzarote appearing on the first page of the search engines will make a significant different to your income.
Most tourists before ever visiting the island will book their accommodation online, will book their hire care online and then start to plan places to go online.
The web site they encounter that ranks well and has the right kind of design and feel will get their business.

Web sites these days can be designed in a myriad of different coding languages displaying the web content if varying ways. Before asking for your own site have a look at what your competition is doing.

If you own a bar in Lanzarote have a look in the search engines for the type of web sites the other bars in your area have. See what looks good and what works best on their sites. Make notes of the better features that you would like in your own site. Write down the web addresses so your Lanzarote web designer can incorporate them into your new web site. Before you know it you will have a web site to be proud of.

A great web site does not go very far if it cannot be found in the search engines.

28 October 2009

Lanzarote tourist figures

The amount of tourists visiting the Canary Island of Lanzarote in the month of September 2009 compared to 2008's figures are down over sixteen per cent. This is not very encouraging news for owners of property for holiday rental in Lanzarote.
Recent economic reports from the UK have all indicated a rise in the economy and a return of confidence in spending. It would seem that there may still be a little way to go until pre recession holiday habits return. Property prices in the UK are on the mend but the pound is still not performing very well against the euro. This factor alone means that Lanzarote tourists have much less spending power across the euro zone.
The British winter has only just begun. Feeling are that as winter in the UK starts to wear on then the idea of a Lanzarote holiday with guaranteed sun will start to become a lot more appealing.
The worst if probably over but there is bound to be a slow start whilst confidence levels return.

5 October 2009

Music in Lanzarote

The yearly Lanzarote music festival is all set for the 9th of October. This charity music event will be sending its proceeds to the Tias fire brigade.
In this year line up will be local bands such as Skatoons, Naughty boys, Question, The Tareaways, Rory Gallagher, Skin and Hyde and more.
The event will start at 3pm and entry is free.

Autumn in Lanzarote

The time of year that many Lanzarote residents most look forward to is finally upon us.
Autumn in Lanzarote marks the change from the windier summer weather. Autumn brings light winds, warm water and clear blue skies. As the air mass changes so does the visibility and therefore the type of light. The horizon becomes pin sharp and the light becomes bluer and clearer. Many photographers visit the island for this type of light and guaranteed good weather. Not to mention the breath taking scenery.
The Lanzarote sports people also welcome this time of year. Surfers are happy as the first swells of the winter season start to bring in the bigger waves. The reefs will now have waves after being flat for most of summer. The hang gliding and paragliding pilots love the winters in Lanzarote. Lighter winds and clearer skies bring ideal flying conditions. Whilst the rest of Europe is gripped by cold weather pilots can come to Lanzarote for a welcome break, warm weather and some spectacular flying.

1 October 2009

Puerto del Carmen tourism

Most tourists visiting Lanzarote either have their accommodation in Puerto del Carmen or at some point during their trip come and see what the area has to offer.
Puerto del Carmen is Lanzarote's longest established resort. You can see why it was the first place to develop a tourist trade on the island. It is very well located for the airport, has beautiful beaches along its entire length and the weather is perfect all year round.
There is a beach road that runs the length of the town. This road seperates the beach from the shops, apartments etc. There are only a few facilities on the beach side of this main road, which is also known as 'the strip'.
The resort suits all age groups as there is something for everyone to enjoy. As you go along the strip, which stretches from the San Antonio hotel to the north right down to the 'old town' fishing harbour in the south,there are many different sections. Each section will suit someone, whether it be the night clubs and late bars, the sea view restaurants, shops, casino or beaches.

Puerto del Carmen on way system

Puerto del Carmen, in a very controversial move, made the main road that runs to entire length of the town into a one way road. Many locals and tourists were up in arms over this as access was made very difficult. To get to a given shop, restaurant of apartment that was the wrong way along the one system would entail a massive detour along congested back roads. At a time when local businesses needed all the help they could get to entice more customers through their doors this happened.
After a lot of local pressure a decision has been made to return things to how they were. Starting soon the old and troublesome one way system will go back to the two system. Parking will still be tricky in many sections of this road, locally known as 'the strip'. At least access will return to a good level.

28 September 2009

New animal species found in Lanzarote

Marine biologist Thomas Llife has discovered several new species of marine life in the famous lava tunnels of Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote. The lava tunnels are famous as being the longest in the world. The famous Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique designed a beatiful tourist attraction near the coast where the roof of the lava tunnel had fallen in.
Thomas Llife has discovered three new species in total, two types of worm and a crustacean.
One of the crustaceans called 'Remipedes' could be over 200 million years old.